While this project is based in Britain, we occasionally organise or participate to events abroad as a part of the Poetic Pastel initiative. 

If you are interested in The Gardening Drawing Club and not based in England, we encourage you to interact with our Instagram page or join our Newsletter for some togetherness. 

October 2022 - Japan

Nidi Gallery, Tokyo

On the occasion of the exhibition 'Dreaming About Tomorrow - Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck' at Nidi Gallery, The Gardening Drawing Club is putting together a free seed library that will be open to all, free of charge. An open call for seed donation began in September 2022.

May 2021 - Japan

Ao-Hata Bookstore, Fukuoka

On the occasion of Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck's exhibition 'What if God was an insect?', we offered free seeds for visitors to bring home and grow. Seeds were donated by Greenfield Project, an organic seed seller in Japan.