Patrons & Supporters include:

Niwaki: In 2023, this British/Japanese lifestyle brand dedicated to gardeners and craftsman donated high-quality garden snips, which we now use in our free workshop series '(Almost) Ikebana'.

Tamar Organics: In 2022, this British organic seed company generously donated seeds, which we use in our free workshops concerning herbs and vegetables.

Arjun Singh Assa: Using unwanted offcuts of birch plywood, Arjun has made and gifted to TGDC several wooden boards, which we now happily use as clip boards during our free workshops.

The Nightingale Garden: In June 2022, this chemical-free and sustainable flower farm in Kent generously provided seasonal flowers for our workshop '(Almost) Ikebana 6’.

Babylon Flowers: In May 2022, this slow and sustainable flower farm in Oxfordshire generously provided seasonal flowers for our workshop '(Almost) Ikebana 5’.

Electric Daisy Flower Farm: In May 2022, this sustainable, off-grid flower farm in Somerset and ethical flower shop in London generously provided seasonal organic flowers for our workshop '(Almost) Ikebana 4'.

TOAST: In 2022, this British clothing and homeware brand donated linen aprons, which participants of TGDC workshops wear.

Forrist: In 2022, this UK’s first plastic-free online supermarket donated organic seeds and herbal teas for our spring 2022 events. 

Greenfield Project: In 2021, this Japanese organic seed seller donated seeds for our presentation and seed events at Ao-Hata Bookstore in Japan - Read more.