The Gardening Drawing Club advocate for gentleness and compassion towards the living inside and outside of gardens. The Gardening Drawing Club has a shared mission to integrate the joys of gardening and drawing in others' lives for individual and community well-being. 
We believe the latter will support the world's healing.

The Gardening Drawing Club supports seed sovereignty, racial, climate and land justice and reparation, biodiversity as well as animal liberation. The Gardening Drawing Club stands against all forms of discrimination.

Climate Actions

Web: The Gardening Drawing Club web page is running on sustainable energy, and according to websitecarbon.com, it is cleaner than 56% of web pages tested.

Plastic: The Gardening Drawing Club does not purchase any plastic containers for our club, rather we collect and re-use existing ones.

Soil Health: The Gardening Drawing Club promotes Veganic methods, which propose a positive alternative to chemical-based practices and animal exploitation while supporting and improving soil fertility. CO2 emissions from Veganic gardening practices are generally much lower than their counterpart.

Social Actions

Living Wage: All working for this project will be paid the Living Wage. Regardless, there is no fee to be paid by the participants of the events.

Anti-racism: The positive actions of The Gardening Drawing Club aim to counter racial prejudice and systemic racism. TGDC events deliberately take place in a wide range of locations from art galleries to temples, from cities to villages, in a conscious effort of inclusion.