The Gardening Drawing Club needs support to thrive ❀,

As an initiative that is free to its participants, we rely on the support of patrons for our activities to thrive. You can provide support by;

1) Becoming a patron. Please get in touch with us.

2) Donating materials such as organic seeds, hand-gardening tools. We only accept material donations from the United Kingdom in an effort to reduce traveling-miles and possible postal custom fees. Please contact us with a list of the materials you wish to donate.

3) Purchasing one of our organic T-shirts from Everpress. We run campaigns seasonally, and the garments are produced on order, so there is no waste stock. All sales directly support The Gardening Drawing Club. Available items;
- Hands off the phone and in the soil
- Do you love plants? I do!

4) Donating directly to us by clicking 'Donate' button below.

The Gardening Drawing Club is an artist-led not-for-profit.