The Gardening Drawing Club needs support to thrive ❀,

As an initiative that is free to its participants, we rely on the support of patrons for our activities to thrive. You can provide support by;

1) Becoming a patron. Please get in touch with us.

2) Donating materials such as organic seeds, hand-gardening tools. We only accept material donations from the United Kingdom in an effort to reduce traveling-miles and possible postal custom fees. Please contact us with a list of the materials you wish to donate.

3) Purchasing one of our organic T-shirts from Everpress. We run campaigns seasonally, and the garments are produced on order, so there is no waste stock. All sales directly support The Gardening Drawing Club.

4) Donating directly to us by clicking 'Donate' button below.

This is a not-for-profit.

The monthly expenses to run this project average £ 450 - including two events.